Student Athletes at Yale

Yale athletes have access to leading physicians who deliver multidisciplinary care in the Athletic Medicine Program at Yale Health. Here, athletes receive sports primary care as well as specialty care in various disciplines, including Sports Orthopedics. Physical therapy is also available on-site. The  team also includes cardiologists, a sports nutritionist, and mental health professionals. The Acute Care clinic at Yale Health is available 24/7 to student athletes to treat emergencies.

More about how we care for our athletes:             

  • Medical staff members stay current with the latest research on management and care of concussions and other sports-related injuries.
  • Athletes have daily contact with trainers and a primary care sports medicine team.
  • Athletes have easy access to orthopedic care, including clinics at Yale Health for varsity athletes, regardless of insurance coverage. A dedicated orthopedic specialist is assigned to each team, and a designated primary care physician trained in sports medicine is provided for every varsity athlete.
  • A dedicated nurse coordinator facilitates insurance approval, timely access to diagnostic services, follow-up and coordination of care, and maintenance of an up-to-date disability list.
  • Clinicians, trainers, orthopedists and a nurse coordinator hold weekly multidisciplinary team meetings to coordinate care of injured athletes.