Illness and Injury

Student athletes may be affected by illness and injuries that are either related to or unrelated to their participation in varsity athletics. Regardless of the nature of the illness or injury, prompt and accurate diagnosis as well as timely and effective treatment are essential to minimize any negative impact on sports or academic performance. 

Student athletes receive their medical care at the Yale Health Center. You may make an appoinment with MyChart or by calling 203-432-0334. Injuries, illnesses, or medical concerns should be reported to an athletic trainer as soon as possible. If your condition requires the intervention of a physician, the athletic trainer will facilitate your appointment with the team physician or specialist.

Acute Care

Acute Care is a 24/7 walk in service providing initial evaluation and treatment of urgent problems that are not life-threatening in nature. Acute Care is your best option outside of regular office hours if you have a medical problem that can’t wait. 

For true emergencies, call 911 and/or go to the nearest Emergency Room. 

Notify your athletic trainer if you use these services.

Orthopedic Care

Yale Medicine Orthopedic specialists are available daily to see students who have acute injuries or need follow-up care. Office visits with Orthopedic specialists at Yale Health Center are available to any varsity athlete regardless of insurance. If you do not have Yale Health’s Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage, your own insurance may have network restrictions or pre-approval requirements that apply if you need Orthopedic treatments beyond an office evaluation.

Restriction from Participation

Athletes who are injured or ill may be restricted from play until they are evaluated for return to play by one of the Athletic Medicine clinicians. Activities may be modified and rehabilitation programs instituted. A list of injured athletes who are restricted from play is distributed daily to the athletic training and Athletic Medicine staff.

Injury Surveillance

Records are kept on all known injuries and then compared to NCAA statistics to determine unusual frequency in a specific sport. If found, preventive intervention is instituted.