Mental Health & Counseling

You are an athlete. You’ve spent many hours perfecting your skills. You compete on a very high level.  You know about the importance of commitment and perseverance. 

But do you know that student athletes – like ALL students – often find themselves struggling with fears, anxiety, loneliness, and other feeling that can make it hard to achieve your goals? For many, these feelings are in the normal range of day-to-day variation that we all experience. But if emotional or mental health problems are holding you back, there is a lot of help available to you at Yale.

Mental Health and Counseling, located on the third floor in the Yale Health Center, offers a wide range of services to Yale Students. The department is staff by over twenty-five clinicians, including psychologists, psychiatrists and clinical social workers. Therapists represent a wide range of specialties and approaches, including but not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), substance abuse counseling, and treatment for eating disorders. Psychiatrists are always available to prescribe medication if necessary.

Every Yale student enrolled at least half time in a Yale degree program is eligible for treatment at Mental Health & Counseling completely free of chargeregardless of whether they have waived Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage. Appointments can be made by phone or in person for an initial consultation.

All care in Mental Health and Counseling is strictly confidential. We won’t share information with coaches, parents, professors or anyone else without your permission. 

Some students go to Mental Health & Counseling for just a few visits, while others go for ongoing therapy. Decisions about appropriate treatment are made on an individual basis.

Wishing you much success in your time at Yale,

Lorraine Siggins, MD
Director, Mental Health & Counseling