Training and Competition

During the academic terms, Yale’s main Athletic Training Room, Martin Dwyer, Jr. Sports Medicine Center, located on the first floor of the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, will is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-6:30 pm.  On weekends and holidays the hours are dependent on varsity practices and competition schedules.  No one is permitted in the Athletic Training Room when it is closed.

  1. Athletes are required to sign in every time they enter the Athletic Training Room for treatment or injury assessment.
  2. All injuries must be reported to an athletic trainer as soon as possible.  If your condition requires the intervention of a physician the athletic trainer will refer you to Athletic Medicine for an appointment with the team physician or specialist.
  3. In-season athletes will have priority in utilization of the Sports Medicine Facility.  Due to facility and staff considerations we ask all out of season student athletes to utilize the morning block (9a-1p) for evaluation and treatment/rehabilitation of injuries.
  4. Please do not bring any athletic equipment into the Athletic Training Room- leave all rackets, sticks, balls, cleats, etc. in the locker room or hallway.
  5. Athletes should remain dressed and wear appropriate clothing while in the Athletic Training Room.
  6. No food or drink permitted in the Athletic Training Room.
  7. If any supplies are needed (tape, band aids, medications, pre-wrap) please ask a staff member.  Do not help yourself.
  8. Do not use modalities and treat yourself.  During normal operating hours an athletic trainer will be present in the Athletic Training Room.
  9. Be courteous and respectful of others.  The Athletic Training Room is a shared space and profanity and offensive language will not be permitted.

A clinician attends sporting events in which there is a high incidence of contact injuries. These sports include football, soccer (men and women), basketball (men and women), ice hockey (men and women), field hockey, gymnastics, and lacrosse (men and women).