A Team Approach to Care

The best interest of students, taking into account their individual goals, drives all decisions about medical care.  Students and their parents will be fully involved in shared decision making to the extent that they wish to participate. 

Care is provided within a multidisciplinary team-based approach. The head team physician and nurse coordinator have the essential responsibility to ensure that hand-offs, when necessary, occur in a safe, timely and patient-centered manner.

The athletic trainer is, in most cases, the first person to evaluate the student athlete.  The head team physician is the designated medical professional who provides oversight to the athletic trainers, and who has the closest daily interaction with them.  In consultation with the head team physician, the athletic trainers will determine the most expeditious and appropriate means for further evaluating the care and returning student athletes to full participation as quickly as is possible and safe.  Quick access to orthopedic and medical specialists is an essential feature of the program.

While the head team physician has the ultimate responsibility for “remove from participation” and “return to participation” decisions, these are made in close consultation with specialists involved in the care of student athletes. 

The safety and well-being of the student athlete is always the highest priority. The wishes of the student athlete and his/her family are incorporated into decision making.  In some cases, students will benefit from second opinions.  We will support this option and assist student athletes with making wise use of this choice.