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Athletic Trainers

Members of the team
Athletic trainers are the team members who work most closely with varsity teams and have the most day-to-day contact with varsity athletes. 

An athletic trainer is a certified and licensed health care professional who practices in the field of sports medicine, in collaboration with physicians, to optimize performance and to prevent and treat injuries. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities.  Athletic trainers work primarily where athletes train and compete. 

To become an athletic trainer one must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited professional level education program and then sit for and pass the Board of Certification (BOC) examination. Areas of expertise of certified athletic trainers include:

  • Apply protective or injury-preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces
  • Recognize and evaluate injuries
  • Provide first aid or emergency care
  • Develop and carry out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes
  • Plan and implement comprehensive programs to prevent injury and illness among athletes
  • Perform administrative tasks such as keeping records and writing reports on injuries and treatment program

Primary Care Sports Medicine

Members of the team
Every athlete is assigned a primary care sports medicine (PCSM) physician who is responsible for overall coordination of care as well as the diagnosis and treatment of many illness and injuries that affect athletes throughout the year.  PCSM physicians are trained first in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or Internal Medicine, and then acquire additional expertise in sports medicine during a 1 or 2 year fellowship program. 

In addition to providing comprehensive primary care to athletes, PCSM physicians provide on-site medical and orthopedic coverage at many competition events.  They practice primarily from the Yale Health Center, but also have regular hours at training facilities in order to evaluate and follow students as they progress from injury to return to full participation.  They also make referrals to and coordinate care with all medical and surgical specialists involved in a student athletes’ care.

Orthopedic Care

Members of the team
Orthopedic problems – that is, injuries involving the bones, joints, muscles and tendons – are among the most common and most serious medical problems facing athletes.  In high-contact sports, these musculoskeletal injuries can create significant limitations for athletes or even cut short a college athletic career.  For these reasons, Orthopedic specialists in Sports Medicine have a crucial role in the medical team. 

In many cases, an Orthopedic specialist will be involved from the immediate time of an injury.  They will determine what kind of diagnostic tests will provide the most information and whether or not the student needs a surgical procedure – either now or later.  In other cases, Orthopedists may be consulted after a student has first been evaluated and treated by a trainer and PCSM physician.  In either scenario, our philosophy is that the involvement of Orthopedic specialists should never be delayed or avoided when a student’s ability to train and compete is in the balance.


Members of the team
Eating well is often challenging for college students, but for an athlete, it is an especially important component in the maintenance of peak health and performance.

Our sports dietitian is board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics and is an expert in the field of nutrition and performance.

As part of the athletic medicine team, the sports dietitian is available to athletes for individual nutrition counseling appointments, and provides nutrition presentations for athletic teams.

Consultations are available for all nutritional concerns including medical conditions, disordered eating, navigating dining hall food options, weight issues, pre- and post- event fueling, and recovery.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists provide physical therapy services in the main training room at Payne Whitney Gym.